Star Projector Night Light
Star Projector Night Light
Star Projector Night Light
Star Projector Night Light
Star Projector Night Light
Star Projector Night Light
Star Projector Night Light

Star Projector Night Light

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Star Projector Starry Light 13 In 1 Galaxy Planetarium Projector Night Light Focusable Star Projector Lamp For Bedroom Ceiling





Please Noted:

When the star projection lamp is used for 2-3 hours, the internal temperature of the machine is too high, which will cause the color change of the disk under high temperature, but only the galaxy disk will not change color. Please change a film about 2-3 hours after use or let the machine rest for heat dissipation to avoid the color change of the disk due to high temperature

One discks should not be used continuously for more than 3 hours, otherwise it may be damaged because of the temperature rise.

Product Operation Video:





Please note: Regarding the correct way to put the pattern disc, the side with the pattern is facing up, the raised part is facing down, and then put into the slot of the card compartment. If you put it in the opposite direction, it will be stuck and cannot be pulled out Happening

Product Description


Having 8 patent about Lamps,with rotating、rotating、 18 music songs、Bluetooth、APP model,Complete production process can suopport OEM and ODM.


USB Line.


6 film or Accept customized film.

Button fuction Introduction:

1.Twist it to adjust the focus sharpness.

2.Short press the first button to power on (default function is

fully on) and long press it for two seconds to power off.

3.Short press the 2nd button to turn on/off the focus light.

4.Short press the 3rd button to switch the side projection mode.

Long press for 2 seconds to adjust its brightness (high,

medium, low) in three modes.

5.Short press the 4th button to turn it on/off and control the

rotation of the film, longpress for 2 seconds to time it on/off

(fixed time is one hour, while the green light is on)

6.Plug (TYPE-C power cord)


1.Name:Rotating Magic Diamond projection lamp

2.Styles:3 adjustable films and 3 light colors(White Blue Yellow)


3.Product size:18*15*13.5cm


5.Power:1 USB Line

Packing details:

1.1pc star projector

2.6pcs Projection film

3.1pc USB Line

4.1pc Manual

5.1pc Pen


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