New Moon Night Light

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 New moon lamp warm night light with sleeping bedroom study lighting charming countertop aromatherapy lamp


Product selling points:

1. Built-in 1200 mAh high-capacity battery, plug-in and wireless use, easy to use

2. It can be used as night light, no flicker, no eye damage, sleep at night

3. Can switch between cold light and warm light, suitable for various home scene needs

4. Stepless dimming and brightness adjustment

5. Separate design, can add essential oils, used as aroma diffuser, easy to clean


Product parameters:

Material: ABS+PP+ circuit board

Product size: 19.65*14*25cm

Color: white, wood grain color

Input voltage: DC5V

Rated current: 500mAH

Battery capacity: 1200mAH

Rated power: 2W

Charging method: USB data cable

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Use time: 3-4 hours for high light, more than 24 hours for low light

Function: lighting night light, can add essential oil to make aroma diffuser



1. Power switch: long press to turn on/off the light, touch white light/warm light

2. Brightness switch: long press to adjust the brightness of the light

2. Aromatherapy aroma adjustment: turning counterclockwise to thicken the odor, turning clockwise to lighten the odor

3. Adding essential oils: take out the aromatherapy box at the bottom and add 2-3 drops of essential oils

Pay attention to use:

1. Pay attention to the arrow when installing the aromatherapy box

2. Do not place the product in a humid environment

3. If there is an abnormality during the charging process, the charging should be stopped immediately


Packing list: 1*aromatherapy lamp, 1*USB data cable, 1* manual


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